Sunday, September 12, 2010

where are they

I have a dream, which i dream bout all day, sometimes its feels like its something more than a dream though, as its getting bigger and bigger, something even more. Every time i think bout it, i see exciting tears, goosebumps and a restless mind. And everytime i come across a plan to get it going, i fail. But the dream keeps me going, the hope that my dream gives me gets me going.

Being meeting a lot of people, a lot of people who seem to be as excited as i am, they talk a lot, are very excited about the stuff that i dream about, because they too dream the same, about becoming something that i too want to become. "Let's do something, we'll rock", is what they say, but i dont know why they dont even bother to take the first step, are they lazy?. Sometimes i feel, do they really mean what they say or are they only just taking about it. When i first met them i was so happy, i thought that the plan that i set, was about to get going, but its been so long and now time and again its just the same. nothing.

But everytime i go to bed and dream about it again, i say to myself, no matter what, even though if i dont find those like minded ones, i shall do my part and do it well, and do it so well, that the like minded people will find their way to me. i will live my dream.