Monday, August 12, 2013

When you can't tell

Thank you for lending me your hand, I m happy
Thank you for bothering me, I longed for it
Thank you for listening, I see you like it 
Thank you cos you're there, I wished to come to you
Thank you for calling, I was thinking about you
Thank you for sitting by my side, I see nothing else
Thank you cos you shared, It bought me a little closer

So much of time spent
I fear, There is something sowed inside
I m scared, Everything seems different.
What a nightmare, The thoughts don't leave me
What a sight, I can't change it

You're still the same, But why can't i see you bother me
You're still the same, But why can't i see your hand
You're still the same, But i see it doesn't bother you
Are you still the same?, I am not the first one to know
Are you still the same?, Doesn't feel like though
Are you still the same?, Or am i secondary

Please me, I long for it
Sit by my side, I want to see nothing else
Share, Cos i want to feel a little closer
Call, Cos i cant
Talk, I have already said something
Did you leave? I was waiting

Oh what a sight i just can't change

Sunday, September 12, 2010

where are they

I have a dream, which i dream bout all day, sometimes its feels like its something more than a dream though, as its getting bigger and bigger, something even more. Every time i think bout it, i see exciting tears, goosebumps and a restless mind. And everytime i come across a plan to get it going, i fail. But the dream keeps me going, the hope that my dream gives me gets me going.

Being meeting a lot of people, a lot of people who seem to be as excited as i am, they talk a lot, are very excited about the stuff that i dream about, because they too dream the same, about becoming something that i too want to become. "Let's do something, we'll rock", is what they say, but i dont know why they dont even bother to take the first step, are they lazy?. Sometimes i feel, do they really mean what they say or are they only just taking about it. When i first met them i was so happy, i thought that the plan that i set, was about to get going, but its been so long and now time and again its just the same. nothing.

But everytime i go to bed and dream about it again, i say to myself, no matter what, even though if i dont find those like minded ones, i shall do my part and do it well, and do it so well, that the like minded people will find their way to me. i will live my dream.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New ones

  • Every opportunity brings along with it a proposal for sacrifice
  • Everyone wants to be a part of the good part of the whole, they are all afraid to face the bad
  • Care for the one who cares for you. i guess thats one thing we dont, its all a cycle, perhaps we have all forgotten that
  • If you have no regrets, then you are on the right path
  • If you are not happy with what you have, then you never actually loved it when you first desired for it, so what was it?
  • The more i learn, the more i realise how little i know, and the more i realise how little i know, the more i learn
  • Clarity, priority and planning eases it all

  • If you have an aim, a dream; you wont feel lonely

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have you ever seen the otherside of it

  • Never draw assumptions on the way you see them happening, they may really not be the way you see them
  • Appearances can be deceptive
  • There are better reasons to make up then to break up a relationship , i am not only talking about love
  • When there are tears in someone's eyes for you, its love, but never let tears come in someones eyes because of you, cos when it happens, it is not because the person doesnt love you, but those are the first signs of that person losing trust in you
  • Never hurt the one who loves you, cos there is always a day which comes when you too will expect love from someone
  • One day you might feel like laughing, call me, i ll be there for you, May be one day you may feel like crying ,call me , i ll be there for you, may be a day will come when i may not respond, please come to see me perhaps i need you
  • True love is so difficult to communicate, sometimes the words dont suffice your feelings
  • Never make false promises or committments to anyone, cos you never know how precious and important it is to the other side who's accepted it

Random Quotes Based On My Daily Experiences

  • I dont want to be a star, i just want to be the one to occupy those empty spaces in the sky which even the stars couldn't occupy..
  • There are 2 types of capable people in this world who dont live their dreams, they are the ones with no money and the ones who see money
  • They Dreamt, They Saw Money, They Killed The Dream
  • If you tell me that you dont see an opportunity, I must tell you that your'e lazy
  • The best supplychain management should be learnt from ants
  • We see them , We praise them, We flatter them, We Adulate Them, We try to be like them, Have we lost ourselves?
  • Every movie you watch generates a dream that fades away... Have you ever thought if you could keep that energy level alive you could make a difference?
  • Sometimes being obsessed with one thing might obviate your sorrows, You ll find Bliss in obsession
  • Words of a loser who consoles himself saying it was his destiny - "Everthing Happens For Good"
  • Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck
  • You will find light, if you really are looking forward to it, nor you' ll never
  • Life comes up with lots of ups and downs but it will surely take you to a great height only if you will climb the downs of it